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I haven’t posted here for a while.
I was ill AND it was the ever busy fashion time of fabric fairs.
So, here are some of my favourite and I think most exquisite cosmetic films I’ve seen.

During the 1980s, Shiseido hired Serge Lutens as their creative director.
This collaboration gave birth to some beautiful films which are more extreme in their sets and stories than what you’d expect for a cosmetics brand. You could say that they gave him a lot of creative freedom and resources to properly lead these projects.
Eventually, I am not sure, if I were a woman, that I would feel compelled to buy this make-up, but I certainly think I would remember the commercials.

These two following videos are Shiseido NOT by Serge Lutens, but I love them. They feature beautiful traditional japanese sceneries, with a superb soundtrack. They both feature Sayoko Yamaguchi, who was a definite idol for a certain crowd, being the one huge japanese model at the time. It’s easy to see why people got so interested in her : she has a style and personality clearly visible beyond the part she’s playing in these commercials. Sadly she’s dead now, so this kind of a tribute to her.

Oh and I just love how this ad really “climaxes”!

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