from a while ago

I did some print design a while ago for hollington!
It’s now on their website, on sale.

It’s a very cool robe, made of cotton honeycomb fabric. Come on now, go get yourself some Daniel hurlin exclusive.

Check it out !

and the design : yukata knot


mother and daughter


todays joke

a funny thing i thought of today


mass games


a state of mind

Working on more prints today.

Vectors are so great, but as soon as you want to go in detail for something more repetitive it’s pretty time consuming.

And it can look pretty contrived. However I’ve found some pretty fun things to do. One of my inspirations below, it’s the “I want more” video clip from Faithless, which most people know. The images are from a bbc documentary called “a state of mind”. I highly recommend it. It’s one of these movies you get mixed feelings about, because in one way you can’t help admire the passion and dedication but you know these kids are broken down by a system that oppresses them, and you also foresee massive physical problems they’re going to have. But I didn’t find it depressing, if anything, quite uplifting, human beings are pretty resilient.

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more tryouts for prints

working on more prints, I got a good groove looking at north korean’s mass games and photographies of industrial structures… that were originally used for surveys. I reckon the difficulty in prints is that you have to get scale, colour, technique and subject right.
Also, I find digital printing tends to be limited to this horrid mirrored photoshop print(anybody who’s watched project runway will know what I mean) or photo-manipulation etc… Well it’s actually a lot more work to try and draw it yourself, even if you trace it. Anyway, I’m pretty happy about the first one!

That’s it for today!

a while ago

going through my hard drive I stumbled upon these prints from a while ago!
I’m a bit nostalgic of the decadence of developping all these prints….
Anyways I’m developping new ones so hopefully sometime soo you’ll see an update about that.

trying out prints

so today I was trying out some print ideas, it was quite unsatisfying!

I love working with the illustrator gradients, but to be honest, I think I need a major breakthrough for this to go next level and not look like a repeat of the Hy√®res project. And maybe I need some improvement in my own personal illustration skills…

Inspiration is… can you guess? Hiroshige.

I saw the beautiful lush woodcuts at La Pinacoth√®que, and it was worth queuing and stepping on some old people to see it (there’s many, many of them in every major exhibition in Paris), and they’re SO slow. It got a bit annoying after a while.

Anyhow heres one trial of print (almost a screenshot) and a Hiroshige print, for comparison. The colours are amazing(not talking about my print, obv). If you look it up you find out that first they paint with watercolours then they give the watercolour to a technician who would redraw the outline, and another one to do all the colouring.

Amazing! And those woodcuts were used a few thousands for the most popular series. That kind of challenges the view of “unique cratsmanship” that is constantly brought forward by big brands to justify crazy prices….

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