two great things

so online I found two things that I like.

The first one was something lost, or maybe something that I could never read the name of, because of japanese script. I found it on a web magazine (or a very evolved form of a blog) spoon and tamago. His name is Akira Yamaguchi, he’s an illustrator that worked, amongst other artists, on a set of jap books, that were called “horror dragonia”. The name sounds stupid but actually they edit some texts from Marquis de Sade. It’s unclear whether all the books are from the same Marquis de Sade (I don’t think so), but all are lavishly printed and illustrated in really different styles. I’ll do a post about them some time in the future.

But this guy’s work stood out.

It is superb, detailed, and you can tell his technique is very high. The colours are applied very minutely in transparent layers. The buildings are extremely detailed, and his graphic style in terms of colours, and this light and curved touch in the lines is very recognizable. When he draws people I personally find he manages to give them a lot of sensuality, he has a knack in drawing beautiful bodies.

And then obviously there’s all the cool anachronistic stuff he’s doing, drawing planes and modern buildings in the japanese isometric perspective, with a lovely outline and a colour cartridge with the title of the illustration. He really is a perfectionist. His book can be bought on amazon. I’ll get it as soon as I have money to spare!

Then this other guy: Shen Wei (the photographer, not the dancer)

I found his work online while looking for bases for some of my prints. I’m not very knowledgeable about photography, nor am I extremely interested. However, I think that, just like painting, portraits are always interesting and compelling. Hence that’s why I was interested in this guys work.
His bio is pretty dry and doesn’t give you any clue on him as a person:
Born and raised in Shanghai, Shen Wei is a fine art photographer currently based in New York City. His work have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with venues including the Museum of the City of New York, Griffin Museum of Photography, Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall, the Harn Museum of Art and the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His photographs have been featured in publications such as The New Yorker, Aperture, ARTnews, PDN, American Photo, and Chinese Photography.
(it goes on about his achievements)

I find his portraits beautifully, insightful, poetic. The light is delicate, and the settings of anonymous hotel halls and the scale of chinese infrastructure are giving his work an bigger emotional scale. The fact that I read Factory girls by Leslie T Chang, helps me get into the mood of this picture. I think of Chunming, one of the young women who work of these factories, and I imagine fragments of her life.
His autoportraits are nice too(this one’s called PISS haha)

But they make me wonder, why there are so many male nudes in his work? And they’re displayed in a very sensual, sexual way too. I wonder if it’s this guy’s desire; or maybe it is another view he’s airing in this manner. He has a good physique though, so I wouldn’t complain anyway. But still, I’d love to find out more information about this guy.

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